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Easiest method for elected officials and candidates:  Electronically sign the online pledge below (takes 90 seconds).  For citizens and staff forward this page to elected officials and candidates and ask them to electronically sign it.  It’s that simple.

If you would rather not sign electronically but still want to sign the pledge, click HERE.

Mail the pledge to:
Common Sense Issues, Inc.
8190-A Beechmont Ave., #103
Cincinnati, OH 45255-6117

I, __________ , candidate for __________ , pledge to the taxpayers of __________ and to the American people that I will: ONE, oppose any and all, direct and indirect funding with taxpayer dollars of any organization that provides abortions or funds organizations that provide abortions, including Planned Parenthood. TWO, I will propose elimination of existing taxpayer funding of abortion providers and groups that fund abortion providers, either directly or indirectly, including Planned Parenthood.


E-mail address:

Office and jurisdiction such as (ex. U.S. Senate R-UT):

Do not display name on website:

Christine O\'Donnell,

Jim Banks,

Michael R. Pompeo,

Senator Tim Huelskamp,

Ron Johnson,

Joe Miller,


Kenneth R. Buck,

Kristi Noem,

Eric Wargotz, M.D.,

Cam Cavasso,


Mike Pence,

Vicky Hartzler,

Dr. Rand Paul,

John D. Doak,

John Doak,

Roy Blunt,

John Thune,

Karen England,

Gretchen Hoffman,

John L. Mica,

Steve Hickey,

Chuck Damschen,

Dennis Daugaard,

Marty Jackley,

Gary Paur,

Cathy Sullivan,

Jeffrey L Hill,

Shelly Hill,

Steve Daines,

Leslee Unruh,

Scott Hinkle,

Kristen Jankowski,


Fernando Romo,

Rosa Romo,

Becky Boll,

Angela Bailey,


Don Stenberg,

Michael Williams (R-TX),

Kevin Sheridan,

Jon Bruning,

George Faught,

David Ober,

Carl Wimmer,

Paul Sorum,

Dan Ruby,

Duane Sand,

Blair Thoreson,

Deb Fischer,

Bette Grande,

David McIntosh,


Grady youngblood,

Grady youngblood,

Patrick D. Fagel,

James Higham,

Robert Blaha,

Lynn Black,

Kevin Black,

Craig A. Black,


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